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What is Forex Robot?
Systems that make automatic forex transactions according to predefined rules are called forex robots. Forex robots can be classified as fully automatic and non-automatic according to their working systems. While fully automatic forex robots do all the calculations and analyzes to open a trade, they also perform all the details automatically, such as maintaining open trades, closing them when necessary, determining when they will work and stop, and changing TP - SL values when appropriate and necessary.
  If the robot is not fully automatic, in most cases it needs user intervention. Since the results of this type of robots in the past differ according to the use, they cannot be considered as the result of the robot. Whether or not to interfere with fully automatic robots is at the user's discretion, and the robot does everything by itself without intervention.

How to Trust Forex Robot Test Results?
First of all, our robot must be a forex robot that does not do scalping. Test results of scalping robots are often unrealistic.
The next criterion is that the robot's real or demo account results for at least 4 weeks are very much equal to the strategy trial results for the same period. The results of the robots that achieve this equality in the strategy trial test results will be the same in the demo account with the results they give in the real account.
You can see robots making huge profits in experimenting with strategy. However, as long as the above criteria are not met, these remain just vague dreams.
Some robots have been closed to strategy trials by their developers. Even if you have purchased it, you cannot test it retrospectively. In the promotion of these robots, you are presented with impressive profits on certain dates.

Forex Technical Analysis
Forex technical analysis methods are too many to fit into any article or even a book. In this regard, there are numerous methods that have been globalized or users have developed their own. Technical analyzes can be made by using MT4 indicators individually or in different combinations, and there are also technical analysis methods independent of indicators.
The main source of all technical analysis methods is human psychology. Although evaluations are made on numerical data, each of them are systems to determine the trend in human behavior. Our humble advice to investors is to use technical analysis not only to enter the trade but also to exit the trade, and to trade by adhering to the rules of the technical analysis method they have determined as much as possible, leaving aside the psychological factors.

Usage Purposes of Forex Robots
There are two main purposes of using a Forex robot. The first is that the investor wants to automatically implement the strategy he or she trusts, thus saving time and not missing any opportunity. For this purpose, it defines (defines) all the rules related to its strategy to the robot and makes the robot work instead of itself. The second is to benefit from systems that have been revealed as a result of long studies and that work according to the rules determined by experienced investors.
  Of course, it is useful to use Forex technical analysis methods, to create our own systems. However, there is no limit to this issue, and extensive checks are required for each identified method. For this reason, many users prefer trustworthy robots developed by others.

Forex Signals
Forex signals can be in the form of individual users sharing their manual transactions with others, or they may be in the form of trade alerts produced by systems in the form of an indicator that you run on your computer. The signal systems you will run on your computer are systems that use MT4 indicators and/or work according to algorithms defined by the developer. The most important feature to look for in these systems is that the system does not re-paint. For example, a system that gives a Sell signal at 11.30 may show a Buy signal at 11.30 when you check it a few hours later. Of course, automated systems can be wrong, that's normal. But it is a negative situation to pretend to be wrong. It is useful to purchase such signal systems after testing them retrospectively with the strategy trial function.

Why Sell a Successful Forex Robot?
There are thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of different forex robots that you can buy from many different sources. One of the biggest misconceptions about these robots is, "If they're successful, why are they being sold?" approach. If this approach were correct, the numerous known MT4 indicators or forex technical analysis methods would not exist. In addition, the same assessment can be made for popular analysts who publish analyzes every day. Another misconception is, “Why are systems with such high profits being sold at such low prices?” approach. Of course, this might be true with robots that only show you profits, which you can't test in strategy experimentation. However, it should not be forgotten that there are also many forex investors using micro lots, and when determining the prices of robots, efforts are made to make them suitable for all investors.

Golden Ratio Forex Robot
Golden Ratio fully automatic forex robot is a system that performs its own technical analysis and works according to both different MT4 indicator data and algorithms defined for itself. The most important features of the robot are that it gives almost 100% equal results both in strategy testing and in all account types and brokerage houses, and it does everything automatically, including determining when to stop and when to work again, without the need for user intervention. There is a free test version of the Golden Ratio robot and there is no time limit in this version. In other words, you can test the test version you got today retrospectively, or test it again 2 weeks later to see what it did in the 2 week period from today.

Sixth Sense Forex Robot
Sixth Sense fully automatic forex robot uses its own algorithms as well as known forex technical analysis methods. The robot also has indicators that give forex signals. Investors whose brokerage house does not allow the use of robots or who want to open transactions manually can use this signal system. Since the beginning of 2016, the weekly results of the robot have been shared without distinguishing between profitable and harmful weeks. The robot has been developed to work on XAUUSD, USDTRY and EURUSD pairs. It automatically determines the time and direction to enter the transaction. It uses Take Profit(TP) and Stop Loss(SL) values in its transactions. When it deems necessary, it can exit the trade without waiting for these values, or it can approach the Stop Loss (SL) point depending on the conditions. The most important thing is that it does all this completely automatically.

What is Forex Scalping Strategy?
One of the most used strategies in Forex is the scalping strategy. There are also many forex brokerages that do not allow the use of this strategy.
  The main purpose of this strategy is to open the trade at any time and exit the trade in a short time by taking small profits. It is generally applied without the need for the use of extensive forex technical analysis systems. Very basic examinations and analyzes are made and the process is entered. However, there is always the possibility that any position you open will go down hundreds of pips without ever making a profit. While implementing this strategy, all possible negative aspects should be taken into account and actions to be taken in these situations should be determined in advance. There are also many different scalping robots . These robots must be tried on demo accounts before purchasing. When examining such robots, priority should be given to those with a free demo version.

Golden Ratio and Sixth Sense Signal Systems
Golden Ratio and Sixth Sense fully automatic forex robots also have indicators that only give forex signals instead of automatically opening positions. These indicators warn the user with a warning sound while writing the price, opening time, TP and SL values at which the trade will be opened. The trading strategies of the indicators are exactly the same as the robots. All usage details of these forex indicator systems with free test versions and their differences from robots are shared with users with these free versions. Investors who are not allowed to use robots by their brokerage houses and those who prefer to open positions manually instead of leaving them to the robot use these systems. Signal systems and robots are sold together at one price.

Arbitrage | Arbitrage

Most used forex query texts

Accumulation Index
An indicator based on the relationship between the number of transactions and price changes. It tries to provide information on whether the current trend will continue by following the transaction and price balance.

ADX ( Average Directional Index ) is a technical indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder, which is a part of the indicator system showing movement in a certain direction.

An indicator developed by Bill Williams, which is thought to allow the determination of the market's movement level.

Andrew's Pitchfork
An indicator developed by Alan Andrews, consisting of three separate parallel lines. It is used to identify price channels along with important support and resistance.

This definition, which is opened as Open Market Operations , is the name given to the active transactions made by the Central Bank in order to control the money circulation in the market.

It is the name given to the process of buying any security in the cheap market and selling it in the more expensive market. Arbitrage opportunities have decreased gradually thanks to the developing technology and fast communication infrastructure. Because the markets are in communication and prices move almost simultaneously thanks to the communication network.

A technical indicator used to gauge whether the traded instrument is in a trend and the strength of the current trend.

Hanging Man
A candlestick pattern that is believed to be an indication that prices are falling.

It is the selling price of the currency pair.

(Average True Range) It is an indicator that measures volatility. High ATR values signal high volatility and therefore voluminous, snappy trades. A low ATR indicates that the pair is moving slowly.

The word suggested by the Turkish Language Association to be used instead of the Euro currency. European currency.

Awesome Oscillator
An indicator that is thought to generate a trading signal based on the momentum of the market.

base currency
Base currency term in English

Flag formation
Flag formations are formations that are formed by price movements in the opposite direction of the current trend and signal that the trend movement will continue. Short pauses in a stable market movement form the flag formation.

base currency
It is the unit on the left side of the currency pair. For example, in EUR/USD parity, the base currency is EUR.

Bears Power
A technical indicator that measures the strength of a bear market.

Pending Order
A position order defined to be executed at a certain price level at a future date .

It is the purchase price of the currency pair.

Bill Williams
A theoretician, economist who has striking theories about markets and has produced technical analysis tools.


Bank of Canada. Bank of Canada .

candlestick chart
Candlestick chart. It is one of the graphic representation types and is the most widely used representation in the application of technical analysis tools.

( Comodity Channel Index ) The indicator developed by Donald R. Lambert for commodity markets generally gives better results in horizontal markets. Marking has been made at the levels of 0 in the center, -100 and +100 in the borders, and it is considered that a position signal is formed for the price that goes out of these limits.

The investment group, which stands for Contract For Difference , consists of tools that enable the agreement on the market without the need to actually buy the investment instrument it is affiliated with. In this group, only the price expectation of the product is purchased. For example, if you are investing in a stock within the CFD group, you do not actually own that stock, you just make an agreement on the price change. Thus, you will be able to trade without having to fulfill many legal obligations arising from the exchange of shares.

Counter Currency
Counter currency. It is the unit to the right of the currency pair. You pay the price of the currency you want to trade by using this currency.

Program tool that gives coordinate and distance measurement features to the mouse cursor on the graphic screen.

Currency Pairs
Currency pair. Forex trades are made on currency pairs. EUR/USD is a currency pair.

The name given to the continuous downward trend in the general level of prices.

An indicator with trend following features designed by Tom DeMarker.

It is the name given to the level that prices will force to pass on a descending price chart.

Rectangle Pattern
It is a pattern that occurs when the price moving in a certain direction oscillates between a determined support and resistance for a while.

Distribution Index
An indicator based on the relationship between the number of transactions and price changes. It tries to provide information on whether the current trend will continue by following the transaction and price balance.

It is the name given to the level that prices will force to pass in a rising price chart.

( Directional Movement Indicator ) An indicator where the positive ( + ) DI line reflects the buying pressure and the negative DI line reflects the selling pressure. As long as the “+ DI” line is above the “- DI “ line, it signals a buy, when the “+DI” line is below the “-DI” line, it signals a sell.

Abbreviation for the phrase Expert Advisor. See. Expert Advisor.

Technical analysis tool that can describe the price movement of the investment instrument for a certain period on the chart in a linear line.

Elliott Wave
A theory that claims that the market moves in a repetitive cycle.

It is the name given to the group of products that are traded in the markets and fall into the commercial goods group. Petroleum , soybean, wheat, sugar and many other raw material groups are traded in the markets as commodities.

Transaction request that you send to your brokerage house to be operated immediately or later in the market.

Indicator that enables analysis by creating a specific channel on the graph with two different average curves.

They are debt securities with maturities of 5 to 30 years, issued by the government or companies in USD or Euro for the purpose of outsourcing.

Expert Advisor
This application, which can be translated into Turkish as Expert Advisor , is the name given to the automatic trading systems on the MetaTrader trading platform. They are written in the MQL programming language and even if you are not at the computer, they can do automatic trading depending on certain rules in the developing market.

It is the abbreviation of US Federal Reserve. (Federal Reserve Bank)

Fibonacci Numbers
A series of numbers that continues as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and goes as the sum of the two preceding numbers. Based on the ratio of the numbers to each other, technical analysis evaluations are created.

Price Channel
The name given to the figure formed by the progress of the price of the investment instrument between two horizontal border lines that can be clearly determined on the chart.

It is the name given to the committee that determines the monetary policies to be implemented by the US Federal Reserve (FED) through instruments such as interest rates.

Force Index
An indicator developed by Alexander Elder that interprets the strength of price movements.

It is the name given to the views that occur when the data creates certain shapes on the price chart. It is a system that tries to predict the future of the price as a technical analysis tool.

Technical indicator developed by Bill Williams that is thought to provide decisive information about trend reversals.

The name given to the group of mathematical and geometry-based technical analysis tools developed by William D. Gann.

Gator Oscillator
A technical indicator developed by Bill Williams that helps to understand the trend.

Moving Average
It is a technical indicator obtained by calculating the average of prices in a certain time period. The indicator placed on the pair gives an idea of whether prices will move in their current direction and is also used as support – resistance levels.

It is a method of locking in the current profit or loss position by opening a trade in the opposite direction of the same size as an existing position. It can be applied to gain temporary time.

I chimoku
A comprehensive and relatively complex technical indicator produced for tracking trend change. It is mentioned that when used appropriately, it creates reliable methods.

Double Bottom Formation
It is a bottom reversal formation where prices bottom and rise twice. It is thought to produce a signal that prices will rise.

Double Top Pattern
It is a top reversal pattern in which prices peak and fall twice. It is thought to produce a signal that prices will fall.

The general name given to technical analysis tools that produce results with mathematical methods for the prediction of future prices by evaluating historical data. Also called technical indicators.

Trailing Stop - Trailing Stop - A Trailing Stop 
The order type that allows the stop point you set to move automatically with the price moving in the positive direction.

Place your order with the shift difference between the price at which price you give your orders ( slippage ) is called. In cases where prices change rapidly, when you place an order at the price you see on the screen, sometimes the prices may change until your order goes and is executed, and the price level at which your order is executed may differ by a few pips. This is called slipping.

The name given to the purchasing position in foreign sources.

Abbreviation for the phrase Moving Average. See: Moving Average.

( Moving Average Convergence Divergence) is an indicator developed by Gerald Appel. It is calculated by subtracting the 26-period exponential moving average from the 12-period exponential moving average. By comparing these two moving averages, it is determined whether the trend will continue in the parity. The distance between the moving averages gives information about the momentum of the movement in the pair.

It is the name given to the amount that must be in the account in order to open a transaction and continue the existing transaction.

Candlestick pattern believed to indicate steady progress .

Shoulder Head Shoulder Formation
A pattern that is thought to produce a sell signal on a price chart. It is the formation formed by the parity at the end of the uptrends in a certain time period. The formation mainly consists of three hills. The first and last hills form the "Shoulders", while the middle hill forms the "Head". The bottom point levels of the sections forming the shoulders of the formation form the “neckline”. A break of the neckline to the downside is perceived as a signal that the uptrend has ended and the pair will change direction.

Indicator group that determines the overbought/sold regions of the prices in the market. They signal sell when prices enter the overbought zone and buy when they enter the oversold zone.

It is the smallest unit in which an investment instrument can act as price. For example, if the EUR/USD parity is 1.2567 and then becomes 1.2577 after a while, we call it “ EUR/USD has gone up 10 pips”.

A technical analysis tool that indicates the average of the period in which the price is contained by a certain mathematical method.

It is the name given to the transaction that the investor opens in the market to earn income. If you think the price will rise, you try to make a profit by opening a “buy position ”, if you think it will fall, a “sell position”.

It defines the profit/loss status of your open positions. This title, which is the abbreviation of the words Profit/Loss , means that if it is negative, you are at a loss, and if it is positive, you are in profit.

Price range. The difference between the unit at which the price is measured and the unit at the end of the measurement in any time period. Technical indicators can also be used for some target assignments.

Developed by Welles Wilder, this oscillator identifies overbought and oversold zones. In the range ranging from 0 to 100, above 70 represents overbought and below 30 represents oversold zone. If the RSI line, which enters these regions, breaks the 70 level downwards or exceeds the 30 level upwards, it is considered that the prices will change direction.

Relative Vigor Index . A technical indicator for trend measurement developed by John Ehlers.

Parabolic SAR
The SAR indicator, named after the initials of the words Stop And Reversal, is a technical indicator introduced to the market by Welles Wilder in 1978. It is often used for trend tracking.

The name given to the form of trade made with the aim of generating income from very small movements in the market. Scalping traders often try to generate income by trading with very small profits.

Sell Limit
An automatic sell order placed at a level above the current price to be executed at a future date.

Sell Stop
An automatic sell order placed at a level below the current price to be executed at a future date.

The name given to the sales position in foreign sources.

It is the difference determined by the brokerage house between buying and selling while offering any investment instrument to your service. In other words, it is the distance between buying and selling.

Standard Deviation
An indicator that shows the standard deviation of the price mean with certain mathematical formulas .

Developed by George Lane, this indicator measures the movements of prices in a high/low price range ranging from 0 to 100 in a certain time period. Six of the 20 levels in the indicator oversold , while a level above 80 is interpreted as an overbought territory.

Stop Loss
English of the Stop Loss order. See Stop Loss.

Stop Out
Intervention of the intermediary institution in the customer's open positions due to insufficient sustainable collateral.

Take Profit
Take profit when prices move in the direction of this type of order is subject to the point where profits can be translated into more risks than close your position. Thus, you realize your profit on the chart and add it to your capital by turning it into money.

Wedge Formation
It is the form of formation that occurs when prices are increasingly squeezed between two slopes. It is considered to generate a buy or sell signal.

Technical analysis
One of the two universal methods used to make investment decisions. It is created by processing values and images calculated with mathematical realities.

Fundamental Analysis
One of the two universal methods used to make investment decisions. It examines all political, cultural, natural and political developments and tries to understand their reflection on prices.

It is a concept that expresses the tendency of prices to progress in the long run. In general, if there is an upward trend, it is referred to as an " uptrend ", if there is a downward trend, it is referred to as a "descending trend".

Triangle Pattern
It is a pattern that usually occurs on price charts when the market is getting tighter. There are three different types: ascending, descending and symmetrical.

Exponential Moving Average
It is a technical indicator that takes into account more recent data than the simple moving average.

VIOP ( Viop ):

Futures and options market

volatility. The oscillation of the parity in terms of price is shown in volatility unit. The higher it is, the more the price of the pair is playing, and the more opportunities for traders.

Transaction amount. A parity if the parity of the transactions related to the user how much volume will rise. It gives an idea in terms of tracking preferred currencies.

William's %R
Technical indicator developed by Larry Williams and believed to show overbought and oversold areas.

Dragonfly Doji
A candlestick pattern that is believed to be a bullish harbinger of the market.

Stop Loss
This term, which can also be expressed as stop loss, determines how much loss we can bear in our open position. It can be abbreviated as SL in English Stop Loss plan order programs, forums and blogs.

Zig Zag Indicator
A technical indicator that visually facilitates the movement of the market and tries to define the progress within certain zigzags by detecting the highs and lows.

Forex Arbitrage  |  Forex Arbitrage



Stock market can be defined as a market where buyers and sellers meet thanks to intermediaries. Investment instruments such as stocks , bonds and bills change hands between the parties within the framework of certain rules. But at this time, there is no need for the buyer and seller to come face to face. The parties transmit their orders to the intermediaries according to the transactions they want to make, thus buying and selling takes place.

The institutional markets where stocks known as securities and commodities defined as commercial goods are traded are called stock markets. Here, prices are shaped by supply and demand. As supply and demand change due to events in the world and in the country, the interpretation of "the stock market fell or skyrocketed" is made. When investors correctly predict these movements that may occur, money is earned.

To start investing in the stock market, you must first be an official investor. For this, you should contact the banks or intermediary institutions that provide brokerage services for the stock market in a legal way. At this stage, you should learn the terms, reliability, commission rates and transaction fees of the brokerage houses. You should make your choice accordingly. Then you have to open your investment account and deposit the money you want to trade.

Opening an investment account is the easiest stage of the initial process. In order to start trading, you should monitor the market movements for a while, determine which stocks to invest in and create a portfolio. Only in this way can you make a right start to the stock market.

Even though we refer to the stock market together with stocks in general, there are various investment instruments. There are many instruments such as bonds, bonds, indices, currencies, commodities, futures and options contracts. Each of these instruments has different characteristics. Successful investors often include other investment vehicles in their portfolios to balance their stock portfolios and maximize their returns.

You should definitely not invest in a single investment instrument in the stock market. So if you think that you will be successful by trading only one stock, you are wrong. What you need to do; is to distribute the money you invest in the stock market at different rates to different investment instruments. In this way, you can both control the risks and earn more profit.

Exchange with an integral double the share certificates, are the most commonly traded investment vehicles. The valuable papers that the capital companies give to their partners to determine their shares are called stocks. Certain companies have the authority to issue stock and come with various responsibilities. If the company offers its shares to the public and registers them on the stock exchange, they will become tradable to investors. In other words, in order for a stock to be traded in the stock market, it has to go through some transactions.

Stocks traded on the stock exchange have a certain value. But this value varies according to the supply and demand factor. Investors, on the other hand, follow these prices constantly and perform their transactions at the levels they deem appropriate for buying and selling.

Stocks have a simple transaction logic. You give the relevant order to your brokerage house to buy the stock that you think will gain value in the future, at a level you deem appropriate. The broker transmits this transaction to the exchange for you and makes it happen. When the purchase is made, the stock is added to your portfolio.

When your expectation about the stock is fulfilled, you need to make a sale. For this, you give an order to the brokerage house to sell it at the price you see fit. The broker also transmits this transaction to the stock market, and when it happens, you make your sale. In the end, if your expectation turned out to be true, you will make a profit.

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The penis may be easier to clean because the excess skin of that zip is gone. Cleaning should be done from front to back in baby girls. Because in girls, the genital area and the urinary tract are side by side. There is an anus just outside. All intertwined. Since the distance between the tip of the penis and the urinary battery driveways is long in male babies, the risk of infection is lower. It is also difficult for it to reach the tip of the penis when he poops. But in baby girls, the anus and the mayoral urinary tract are very close and easy to enter. stroller So soon as they realized important to make poop cleaning. Vaginal bleeding may occur in female babies in the days after birth. If it is a small amount, there is no need for families to worry. What the tabs of the baby zibin time should be cut? If it is long, it should be cut immediately. There is nothing wrong with clipping nails. In order not to damage the skin, it is necessary to be careful when cutting the nails of the battery car. Because the mother and the baby , even once, the baby will be very uncomfortable. If possible, cut it after the bath because the nail becomes soft. If the crib mom is very novice, she can get help. One can hold the baby's elbow from his hand, while the mother can hold the fingers and cut the nails with the other hand. Thus, by holding both the hand and the car seat fingers of the baby, you become a stroller, minimizing the possibility of wiggling. It is necessary to cut the fingernails round and the toenails straight. How to hold the baby? It's important to support your head from behind. The baby may throw back because he is not holding his head properly, which can be harmful. With one arm you should support the baby's back, while with the other hand you should protect the baby's head from behind. Baby from a supine position while lifting the baby's foot with one hand and battery-powered car the baby's legs up, grasp softly from ankle stroller Put your hand in your other arm while lifting open and palms head of the lower portion and the nape of the neck to the back so as to grasp. Thus, you will grasp the cradle of the baby's unsupported back and head area. Thus, you can place the baby you grasped in the elbow prego of your other arm. What should be considered when bathing the baby? It is important to pay attention to the temperature of the water. Cold or infants whose mothers also need warm water to wash. Also, the bath should be kept as short as possible, especially for newborns. In order not to upset the baby, you can wash his body first and then wash his head. Eye zibin burning a baby shampoo to use maxi cosi better. Finally, clean your face and wrap it in a warm towel. The temperature of the bath water should be 37 degrees. Be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly. You can take a bath before the navel falls, mother and baby, but do not take a bath in the tub where the baby is kept in water before the navel falls. It can be washed every day in summer, but 2-3 times a week in winter is enough. How should babies be dressed? Stroller Ambient temperature should be 24-25 degrees. Newborn babies may be a little more prone to cold as they lose weight in the first days. 5.-6. Anemia car seat can be seen in babies in the same month. I usually wear a body, overalls, and a vest-sweater or thin cardigan over it. It can also be covered with a blanket while sleeping. Wrapping the baby in an environment of 24-25 degrees may also cause discomfort, and the prego may sweat. In the summer, it can be naked. But take care to keep their feet and hands warm. Why do babies lose a lot of heat in the stroller over their head? The cradle is 1/7 of the head in adults, and 1/4 of the baby's body. In other words, the head is larger than the body in infants. You also wrap the body, the head stays out. There is no problem due to the texture of the head, if a hat is worn, the problem disappears. What is a mansion? It is yellowish crusting on the skin in the area of the fontanel on the anterior scalp of the head, which can start one week or 10 days after the baby mayoral is born. car seat becomes soft and lift your hands often infants whose mothers can come with the hair you try. If left untreated, they can cause a foul odor and abscess after a while. Therefore, it is important to clean and care for the hair and to clean the formed hosts. Some parents try not to touch the battery car for the crib with the fontanel on it, but the mansion requires maintenance. Due to the structural characteristics of some babies, there may be a tendency to repeat the stroller frequently. It is necessary to remove that tissue from there by cleaning and softening the car seat without fear. What is thrush? It is a fungal infection in the mouth. Usually on the tongue, the mouth of the mother-infant inside edge, seen in the inner cheek. It occurs a little more frequently in babies who use bottles and pacifiers. It can be seen in some cases caused by the mother's nipple in the baby carriage in breastfed babies. It can be seen after the use of antibiotics. It can be treated with drugs in the form of drops. But if the stroller isn't too spread out (especially towards the throat), if the drops don't help, it could be a sign of an immune system disorder.   It increased by 1 percent. In the same, arbitrage, man range, forex arbitrage , US Core CPI data increased monthly, arbitrage, arbitrage, 3 and annual, arbitrage, arbitrage, 8 percent. After the data, short on the dollar wing, arbitrage, hand value, arbitrage, where the breakthroughs are experienced, arbitrage, scared dollar index up to 90.11, arbitrage, see it flooding, arbitrage, forex arbitrage in the USA, retail Sales data in January, arbitrage , 3 percent, arbitrage noted. US stock markets, arbitrage, finished on the plus side. Digital currencies, arbitrage, Bitcoin, arbitrage, increased by 5 at $9287, Ripple, arbitrage, increased by 15.3 at $ 1.13, and Ether, forex arbitrage, arbitrage, at $ 906 with an increase of 2, arbitrage completed. New trade, arbitrage, reputation, forex arbitrage, monthly in December Core machine orders data, arbitrage, arbitrage, 11.9 and arbitrage, 5 percent, compared to the same month of the previous year, arbitrage, arbitrage, arbitrage , arbitrage,  In Japan, forex arbitrage, clan December Industry, arbitrage, etimi data showed an increase of 9 per month, arbitrage, arbitrage. In Japan, forex arbitrage, clan Capacity, forex arbitrage, acquisition rate data In December, arbitrage increased by 8 percent compared to the previous month.

, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage,  According to the Balance of Payments Developments report, forex arbitrage, published by the CBRT in December 2017, where I reviewed the developments, as ge, forex arbitrage, clan, forex arbitrage, clan. After the CPI data, which exceeded the expectations in the USA, limited value on the dollar side, arbitrage, see the figures, arbitrage, scared, forex arbitrage, arbitrage, flooded but, arbitrage, until around the .8229 levels in un-pricing prices.  so, forex arbitrage, da, forex arbitrage, in the region, forex arbitrage, unrecognized and, arbitrage, see it completed at 7788, arbitrage, BIST-100 Index, arbitrage, arbitrage, 91, arbitrage, İŞ with 113.454, forex arbitrage, ndan, arbitrage , completed. Total trading volume is billion TL, arbitrage, yinde ge, forex arbitrage, k become. CBRT weighted average cost of funding, arbitrage, arbitrage, from 12.75 level, forex arbitrage, outdated.


, arbitrage, kiye Current Accounts, forex arbitrage, net 700 billion dollars in December, arbitrage, yinde ge, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage,  Incoming, forex arbitrage, see the post-data vulnerability increased, arbitrage, um, arbitrage, arbitrage, In Lira, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, in ris, arbitrage, tif pricing was dominant. In the US, January inflation data, arbitrage, increased by 5, while retail sales data contracted. At the beginning of the week, forex arbitrage, side depreciation, forex arbitrage, even though there is some arbitrage, selling movement in the dollar assets, forex arbitrage, see that the movement is not permanent, arbitrage, arbitrage, especially after the inflation data, the Fed's fa, arbitrage, policy, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, say, arbitrage, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, arbitrage,  In the USA, PPI, Industrial Production, Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index data will be followed.

77 support level in USDTRY, arbitrage, trades, forex arbitrage, inden, arbitrage, while 79 possible recovery probability is leading, forex arbitrage.


arbitrage, Turkey Current Transactions, forex arbitrage, while the arbitrage rate of the previous month increased, forex arbitrage, Region economy four, arbitrage, arbitrage,  forex arbitrage, parallel to the expectations in yrek, arbitrage, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, Region industry, arbitrage, etimi data showed an increase in December compared to the previous month, arbitrage, 4, forex arbitrage, clan., forex arbitrage, after developments, arbitrage, ol, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, arbitrage, tif, forex arbitrage, ren, arbitrage, Pricing below the .70 level in the parity due to lira assets, arbitrage, but again, forex arbitrage, pure direction, arbitrage, as the potential outweighs, arbitrage , iyor., forex arbitrage, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, nde business, arbitrage, HR rate data will be followed.

You can see the EURTRY, arbitrage, seliş, with the resistance of ,72, re-direct, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, bee, forex arbitrage, virtu, arbitrage,  Thus, a record, arbitrage, can be made again in the parity. If it is .70, it will be followed in case of possible back, forex arbitrage, kill.


January in the USA, arbitrage, price index, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, clan at 5 level. After the previous month's data, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, kleen, forex arbitrage, data, even short-term value, arbitrage occurred in Dollar assets. Also, the US Retail Sales data showed a slight contraction. It got worse.  dollar, arbitrage, data flow, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage,  yo, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, or.

Attention in EURUSD parity, forex arbitrage, ken, arbitrage, you can see arbitrage, arbitrage, with the resistance of selis ,2475.



arbitrage, forex arbitrage, in the USA, with the CPI data exceeding the expectations, in the dollar and dollar index, forex arbitrage, pure direction, arbitrage, movements are short, arbitrage, hand acceleration, arbitrage, nrken ounce of gold regressed to around 1317 levels, arbitrage Arbitrage ,  data flow can be effective in dollars, arbitrage, pricing.

Technically, what I'm looking at is arbitrage, the intermediate support level of ounce gold, the 1345 level, the permanence of arbitrage, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, da, forex arbitrage, pure direction, arbitrage, continuation of movements, arbitrage, continuation of the movements. 1364, 1370 and 1375 dire, forex arbitrage, levels can be followed. Possible, back, forex arbitrage, in kills 1345, 1340 and 1336 support levels, arbitrage, can be broken.


arbitrage, albeit short-term, value, arbitrage, nan dollar assets with some back, forex arbitrage, kile movement, forex arbitrage, risinde, forex arbitrage, .40 level again in ren parity, arbitrage, ri pricing, arbitrage. After the forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, incoming US inflation data, which the markets expected for one, arbitrage, volatility in Dollar assets increased. In the January inflation data, arbitrage, an increase of 5 increased the probability of Fed policies to be hawkish, arbitrage, um, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, arbitrage,  Industrial Production in the USA, Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index and PPI data will be followed.

Testing of arbitrage, seliş, ,40 level, arbitrage, occurring in GBPUSD parity, may herald a new buying potential. Experiencing sudden, arbitrage, selis, arbitrage, lt, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, ,3950 can be followed as a lower support.


Japan four, arbitrage, arbitrage,  Forex arbitrage, despite the slowdown in the heart economy, value, arbitrage, nimi, arbitrage in the Yen currency. In case of US policies, forex arbitrage, support from the inflation figure, and forex arbitrage, the demand for arbitrage, wide port in Yen can be arbitrage to some extent. In the dollar, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, despite the incoming inflation data, arbitrage, yuf go, arbitrage, arbitrage,  see continue, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, arbitrage,  In the USA, forex arbitrage, be the data stream to use, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage,  yo, forex arbitrage,

With the level of 106.55 of the USDJPY parity, you can see that it has entered the bottom search, forex arbitrage, ric again, arbitrage,  Following the 107.00 resistance, depending on the recovery in the Dollar, forex arbitrage,



arbitrage, by API in the USA, forex arbitrage, weekly crude oil stocks data showing an increase of .947 million barrels, arbitrage, arbitrage,  In the US, the Energy Information Administration (EIA), forex arbitrage, showed an increase of .841 million barrels in weekly crude oil stocks data. According to the data released by the EIA in the USA, forex arbitrage, arbitrage, arbitrage,  crude oil, arbitrage, etimi 3-9, forex arbitrage, at, compared to the previous week, arbitrage, arbitrage,  With an average increase of 20 thousand barrels, it reached 10,271 million barrels.

Technically speaking, crude petro, arbitrage,  60.50 level, which is the intermediate support level, providing permanence in arbitrage, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, da, forex arbitrage, pure direction, arbitrage, continuation of pricing, arbitrage, may., arbitrage, continuation of sales, 61,90, 62 .40 and 62.70 dire, forex arbitrage, levels can be followed. Possible, back, forex arbitrage, and 60,50, 60,20 and 59.80 support levels in kills, arbitrage can be broken.

S&P500, arbitrage, forex arbitrage in the USA, limited price movements in the S&P 500 futures contract index after the CPI data exceeded the expectations, arbitrage, frightened index, arbitrage, forex arbitrage,  Until around 2702 levels, arbitrage, flood and, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, see it completed at a point close to the level, arbitrage, arbitrage experienced in VIX index, arbitrage, business and industry, arbitrage, experienced in finance, energy and technology stocks, forex arbitrage, pure direction , arbitrage, trend in the index, arbitrage, arbitrage, arbitrage, arbitrage, forex arbitrage, arbitrage, in the USA, forex arbitrage, yo, forex arbitrage,  data flow can have an impact on pricing.

Technically, arbitrage, the intermediate support level of the index, 2688, the permanence of arbitrage, forex arbitrage, forex arbitrage, da, forex arbitrage, pure direction, arbitrage, continuation of pricing, arbitrage, continuation of prices, arbitrage, continuation of sales 2715 , 2724 and 2730 dire, forex arbitrage, levels can be followed. Possible, back, forex arbitrage, in kills 2688, 2680 and 2675 support levels, arbitrage, can be broken.

The video below is a general video, intended to be available on the site until the results are republished. There are no details to show the past transactions of any robot. Shared as a last video.

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