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Legal Notices, Notifications and Notifications

The content of this page is valid for the website(s) to which it is linked and the content and attachments sent from the e-mail addresses of this website(s).  

On this page, 'software promoted on this site and sent from e-mail addresses' is defined as "software, system, robot, automatic buy/sell"; 'users visiting this site are defined as "user, buyer, investor"'; 'the right owner of this site and this site and e-mail account can be named with the definitions of "site, site owner, website"'.  

All of the content on this site is general information about the "software" offered by the site. Online sales are not made on the site, only pre-orders are taken. The software in question can be called financial analysis software in general. The specified software (program) are the systems that automatically apply the analysis methods defined for them in order to analyze the markets, to transmit the analysis results of general information to investors under the name of signals, and/or to make automatic transactions after the user's permission and approvals on the platform they use.

Both the site content and the software mentioned above are not within the scope of investment consultancy. Investment Advisory service; Intermediary institutions, portfolio management companies, non-deposit banks and the customer are offered within the framework of the Investment Consultancy agreement to be signed. The software offered by the site performs the mentioned activities by operating the rules defined for them. These should not be interpreted as promises of return on any investment instrument. The content of this site, the software it offers and the activities of the software may not be suitable for your financial situation and risk and return preferences. Therefore, making an investment decision based solely on the information contained herein, the results of the software and its activities may not yield results that meet your expectations.  

The software promoted on the site has been developed using the infrastructures and facilities provided by the platforms used by the investors. The software in question is of the same nature as add-ons for technical analysis, which can be found for any investment tool, on platforms of any scope, either free of charge or added to the platform for a fee. The investor performs technical analysis to guide his investment by using the plug-ins on the platforms. The software offered on the site, on the other hand, by using some known technical analysis systems (mentioned plug-ins) together and by operating its own special algorithms, it achieves results similar to those obtained by investors using the plug-ins on the platforms, and in the light of these results, they perform the activities mentioned above. The software can do all these only after the user's approval and permissions on the platform they use.

The software cannot be an activity unless the user manually adapts the software to the platform he/she uses and then gives the specified permissions/approvals.
  The completeness and accuracy of the prices, data and information contained in the results of the software cannot be guaranteed. All data is generated by automated systems that are believed to perform successful analysis, for general information purposes.
  Personal analyzes on any investment instrument or data revealed by automated systems cannot guarantee certain returns, regardless of their nature. For the systems offered by the site and the nature of which has been specified above, there is no guarantee of certain earnings and/or continuous correct predictions.

After the user confirms the sales contract online via the e-mail address he specified at the beginning, and makes the payment using the information to be sent to him, the software is again online via the same e-mail address (in the form of download link sharing or e-mail attachment) within 24 hours following the payment. it is sent to the user and is immediately executed as soon as it is sent. In this case, it is not possible to return the software (product) from the time of shipment. For this reason, from the moment the related software (product) is sent to the buyer online, no return can be made, no refund can be made. Market, platform, system, etc. where the user will use the purchased software. In the event of any situation related to the software (product) or its own investment, which has been encountered or not, no refund can be made and no refund can be made from the moment the software (product) is sent online.

It in no way guarantees the accuracy and adequacy of any information, data and news on this website; The site is not responsible for any damages that may arise in matters such as errors, incomplete information and updating. The site may change and/or remove the information in question at any time, without the need for prior notice and/or warning in any form or form. The scope of this site and the e-mail contents in question, which have been prepared for the purpose of providing information in general terms, do not imply any commitment of the Site in any way or form. All risks will be borne by these persons. All kinds of direct and/or consequential damages, material and/or damages incurred by any natural and/or legal person, either directly or indirectly or for this reason, due to the site content and the software introduced on the site, in any form, in any way or under any name. the site will not be held responsible in any way and under any circumstances for the deprivation of moral profit, in short, under any name, and no demand will be made from the site in any way or under any name whatsoever.

The site itself produces information, documents, software, design, graphics, etc. owns and proprietary copyrights of the works. The site does not protect against abuse, duplication, attempt to reproduce, sharing with third parties, etc., of the software mentioned in the content of this page and sold under a single use license. As soon as it determines the situations, it reserves the right to ban the user from the service (using the software), to terminate the subscription and to initiate the necessary legal actions in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law.

The site, the user's platform, system, software can not receive data due to any technical problem or incompatibility and similar malfunctions  assumes no responsibility in case of

Each software sold is programmed to be used on accounts under a single name.  

All results published on the site are real, but are historical. Each result is produced using the possibilities offered by the platform on which the software was developed, and their reliability is the responsibility of the respective platforms. Results and videos are published in order that users can get an idea about the operation and operation of the software(s) promoted on this website and to examine the past performance(s) of the system(s). Any published results and videos do not constitute a direct reference for the future and should not be evaluated as such by the user.

The software(s) promoted on the site has emerged after long studies, analyses, tests, calculations and formula developments. All and all of its content has been developed in Turkey and belongs entirely to the site. The software(s) have been developed with the aim of providing regular profitability in the medium and long term. Despite all this, no promises were made in the content of the site regarding the future. It is not possible to make future promises for any financial analysis system software. The site also does not have any commitment regarding any software promoted in its content.

Each of the things mentioned on this page are issues that need to be reported and explained to users. Although it is thought that every investor will be aware of each of these issues, the site has not refrained from repeating all these.

Every visitor/user visiting the site will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted all of the information on this page.

Your e-mail address and personal / company information are never distributed to other institutions, organizations or individuals.  Your customer information is only used to create a customer profile within our organization and to send press releases and campaign announcements by e-mail, not given to third parties.


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