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Why Robot?

If we go through a very simple example; In the quarterly profit/loss ratios published by intermediary institutions, it is seen that the ratio of customers in loss is generally between 65% and 85%. Whereas, we only have 2 options before we open every position. "Buy" or "Sell"! Although there is a spread, don't you think it's strange that investors are wrong on average 75% of the time when there are only 2 options? Here is the factor that causes this situation...( Click to read more )

Frequently asked Questions

Different  Can your robots be used together?


Yeah. All you have to do is open a different parity window for each robot. Robots do not mix their operations with each other.


Does my computer have to stay on all the time?


If you use MetaTrader's own VPS service, which costs $10 per month, you don't need to keep your computer turned on. If you don't want to use VPS,  your computer, MetaTrader platform, and AutoTrade should remain open throughout the week. Robots work the same in both cases.

How to use the Golden Ratio Indicator, how is it different from the robot?


All details about Golden Ratio indicator are sent with free versions. You can also find these details on the indicator's page.

Can I just buy the indicator without buying the robot?


The Golden Ratio robot and indicator are presented together. None of them are sold individually.

Which robot do you think I should buy?


As we share the past performances of our robots on our site, we also have free versions for you to do your own tests. Accordingly, within the framework of the results you have examined, you can easily decide which robot will be more suitable for you.


How much do robots cost?


You can find our price list on our " Purchase" page.


How will I test the robots?


After you request the free versions, you can find all the information about how to try the robots in the folder that will be sent to you.


What does 5 pips mean?


For example, the difference between prices 1.08501 and 1.08551 is 5 pips. This is also called 50 points, but NOT 50 pips.


Can I change the inputs of the robots? What does each do?


Descriptions of input names are sent to users who buy robots. The inputs loaded when the robots are sent to you are the values that give the results published on our site. If you change these inputs according to your wishes, you can test the robots in a strategy trial to see how the performance of the robots will change.


Can I try the robots on my demo account?


You can find the details of this topic in the folders of the free versions sent to you.


How does the purchasing process work?


After you pay for the robot(s) you want to buy, your robots will be sent to you within 24 hours after you send us the name of the forex account holder (OR forex account numbers) where the robots will be used. Please click for details .


How do we know if a robot will succeed?


The MetaTrader platform is a "Strategy Trial" so we can do retrospective testing of robots.  contains a function called You can reach the details of this topic by clicking on our "Robot Test" menu item. A very important point is that you should not buy any robot without testing it. You should also make sure that the robot's strategy trial results are exactly the same as the actual trading results.


Can we communicate by phone?


Based on our previous experience, we can also correct any missing or misunderstanding/information.  In order to prevent  We prefer to do it. What we do is sell systems that are mentioned on our sites and that work automatically as you will see in free versions. In addition, all questions you send via e-mail before or after purchasing the robot are answered in detail. However, in general, questions about forex, intermediary institutions and instant market conditions cannot be answered. Position opening and closing recommendations cannot be made. Investment advice and general forex training  is not provided. Supports similar to those received by our users from intermediary institutions cannot be provided. on our site,  even if they can't see the future,  There are forex systems that are clear what they have done in the past and will continue them in the future in the same way according to their structure (the form of operation is mentioned, the results of the robots in the future cannot be known), all details are shared with you.


Is the robot free to use?


Forex robots (expert advisors) is a feature provided by MetaTrader. of robots  Since opening/closing transactions etc. is not different from what we do manually, there is no harm in using them. However, consult your brokerage firm .


How many lots should I trade with such a balance?


As the number of transactions and profit/loss statuses opened by our robots in the past are published on our website, you can test my robots at any time and make the necessary examinations yourself. Accordingly, we recommend that you determine the lot amount you will trade according to your own risk and profit understanding. At this point, the decision belongs to our user.


Which company would you recommend I work with?


We do not have any suggestions or guidance regarding intermediary institutions. Each of them may have different advantages, and the most accurate information on this subject can be obtained from the intermediary institutions themselves.


What percentage does it earn monthly?


It is not possible to answer this question. Robots in USD or TL  The gain/loss amounts in terms of money depend entirely on the lot size you will use. Just as you determine the lot size when trading yourself, you also determine the lot sizes of the transactions to be opened by the robots. By examining the past results of the robot(s) you will use, you can determine the appropriate lot amount according to your trading understanding.


Can robots be used in different parities?


Golden Ratio and End of Patience robots have been developed only in accordance with EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP parities. The Sixth Sense robot is suitable for EURUSD, USDTRY and XAUUSD pairs.  In different parities or other financial products  they also work, but we do not have a study/experiment on their performance.  hasn't happened.


What if my robot hurts repeatedly?


No robot can and cannot guarantee 100% profit. Everything is hidden in statistics. By examining the strategy experiment results in detail, you should try to estimate how much you can lose in a row. The most convenient way is to put the robots before the date you are in.  It is to test in 3 - 6 - 9 and 12 month periods.


Can I close the processes opened by the robot myself?


Yes, you can turn it off at any time.  You can find the details of this subject sent to you regarding the robot you purchased.  You will find it in short files.


Can I access the transactions opened by the robot from another place?


After installing the robot on your computer and running it, you can check the processes it opens from different computers, from your phone/tablet, or turn it off if you wish.


I only know how to Buy/Sell in forex, so I want to use a robot. But their use is very complex.


a) The installation and use of the robots are simple enough to be explained with 2 - 4 minute videos. All you have to do is copy a file and paste it elsewhere. You can find the details on our " Using Robots" page.

b) Once you have installed our fully automatic robots, you can use them for months without touching them. These robots know when to stop and when to work. However, it will be useful for you to acquire information such as loading, operating and testing robots and to learn to do each one easily. You will see that all this is very easy in our videos.


Can you set it up for me when I buy the robot?


Of course, we can install your robots with remote access. HOWEVER , it will be healthier if you can install, remove, reinstall, start and stop the robot yourself. You can see how easy all this is on our "Using Robots " page.


Can I run bots on several accounts at the same time?


You can use the robots you will buy on an unlimited number of accounts, platforms and different computers of the same name at the same time. The only requirement is that the accounts belong to the same name. After your payment is completed, you send us the name of the account holder where the robots will be used, and your robots will be set to work on accounts belonging to that name and sent to you. This opportunity may differ in temporary or indefinite opportunities and campaigns. Ask about this subject again when you want to take advantage of any opportunity or campaign.


Is Robot X better or your robots?


As a matter of principle, we cannot express an opinion on different robots.


If you have robots (expert advisors) that make money, why are you selling them? Sit down and earn your money.


Company employees, analysts, customer representatives make comments and publish detailed analyzes every day. While listening and reading all these, we can ask the same question again. If they know so well, why bother here? If this were the right approach, many systems that emerged in the world probably wouldn't exist today. Therefore, we think that this is not a question that deserves much attention. However, we do not give any guarantees or make any comments about the fact that they will make definite and continuous profits about our systems, and that they will make accurate and constant predictions. All we do is share historical results and free versions so that our users can clearly see the profitable and harmful periods of the systems and make their decisions accordingly. It should be noted that robots are not future-seeking systems, and this applies to all financial analysis systems.


Why robot (expert consultant) if we know where to do what?  shall we use?


There are countless forex robots. These robots, again, have innumerable strategies. Determining these strategies usually requires long studies. Because;

a) It is not very possible to constantly check the prices of dozens of parities in the always active market and to determine whether they comply with our strategy. It would be more efficient to leave this job to an automated system.

b) We aim to catch fast price movements, but often we need to make a decision and open a trade within a tenth of a second. It is impossible for us to do this. However, if we have a robot that we have developed for this purpose and according to our own strategy, we can do this in many parities at the same time.

c) People have feelings. Therefore, no matter how hard we try, we cannot fully adhere to a discipline. For example, we close our profit transactions early and wait for our loss transactions for a long time until our SL point, if any. But if we have a robot we believe in, it adheres strictly to predetermined discipline. Of course, there are times when it hurts, but if the discipline defined for it is realistic and successful, it will definitely reach the desired goal.

d) The robot does not panic. The robot is not greedy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Forex in General

What is Forex Robot?
Systems that make automatic forex transactions according to predefined rules are called forex robots. Forex robots can be classified as fully automatic and non-automatic according to their working systems. While fully automatic forex robots do all the calculations and analyzes to open a trade, they also perform all the details automatically, such as maintaining open trades, closing them when necessary, determining when they will work and stop, and changing TP - SL values when appropriate and necessary.
  If the robot is not fully automatic, in most cases it needs user intervention. Since the results of this type of robots in the past differ according to the use, they cannot be considered as the result of the robot. Whether or not to interfere with fully automatic robots is at the user's discretion, and the robot does everything by itself without intervention.

How to Trust Forex Robot Test Results?
First of all, our robot must be a forex robot that does not do scalping. Test results of scalping robots are often unrealistic.
The next criterion is that the robot's real or demo account results for at least 4 weeks are very much equal to the strategy trial results for the same period. The results of the robots that achieve this equality in the strategy trial test results will be the same in the demo account with the results they give in the real account.
You can see robots making huge profits in experimenting with strategy. However, as long as the above criteria are not met, these remain just vague dreams.
Some robots have been closed to strategy trials by their developers. Even if you have purchased it, you cannot test it retrospectively. In the promotion of these robots, you are presented with impressive profits on certain dates.

Forex Technical Analysis
Forex technical analysis methods are too many to fit into any article or even a book. In this regard, there are numerous methods that have been globalized or users have developed their own. Technical analyzes can be made by using MT4 indicators individually or in different combinations, and there are also technical analysis methods independent of indicators.
The main source of all technical analysis methods is human psychology. Although evaluations are made on numerical data, each of them are systems to determine the trend in human behavior. Our humble advice to investors is to use technical analysis not only to enter the trade but also to exit the trade, and to trade by adhering to the rules of the technical analysis method they have determined as much as possible, leaving aside the psychological factors.

Usage Purposes of Forex Robots
There are two main purposes of using a Forex robot. The first is that the investor wants to automatically implement the strategy he or she trusts, thus saving time and not missing any opportunity. For this purpose, it defines (defines) all the rules related to its strategy to the robot and makes the robot work instead of itself. The second is to benefit from systems that have been revealed as a result of long studies and that work according to the rules determined by experienced investors.
  Of course, it is useful to use Forex technical analysis methods, to create our own systems. However, there is no limit to this issue, and extensive checks are required for each identified method. For this reason, many users prefer trustworthy robots developed by others.

Forex Signals
Forex signals can be in the form of individual users sharing their manual transactions with others, or they may be in the form of trade alerts produced by systems in the form of an indicator that you run on your computer. The signal systems you will run on your computer are systems that use MT4 indicators and/or work according to algorithms defined by the developer. The most important feature to look for in these systems is that the system does not re-paint. For example, a system that gives a Sell signal at 11.30 may show a Buy signal at 11.30 when you check it a few hours later. Of course, automated systems can be wrong, that's normal. But it is a negative situation to pretend to be wrong. It is useful to purchase such signal systems after testing them retrospectively with the strategy trial function.

Why Sell a Successful Forex Robot?
There are thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of different forex robots that you can buy from many different sources. One of the biggest misconceptions about these robots is, "If they're successful, why are they being sold?" approach. If this approach were correct, the numerous known MT4 indicators or forex technical analysis methods would not exist. In addition, the same assessment can be made for popular analysts who publish analyzes every day. Another misconception is, “Why are systems with such high profits being sold at such low prices?” approach. Of course, this might be true with robots that only show you profits, which you can't test in strategy experimentation. However, it should not be forgotten that there are also many forex investors using micro lots, and when determining the prices of robots, efforts are made to make them suitable for all investors.

Golden Ratio Forex Robot
Golden Ratio fully automatic forex robot is a system that performs its own technical analysis and works according to both different MT4 indicator data and algorithms defined for itself. The most important features of the robot are that it gives almost 100% equal results both in strategy testing and in all account types and brokerage houses, and it does everything automatically, including determining when to stop and when to work again, without the need for user intervention. There is a free test version of the Golden Ratio robot and there is no time limit in this version. In other words, you can test the test version you got today retrospectively, or test it again 2 weeks later to see what it did in the 2 week period from today.

Sixth Sense Forex Robot
Sixth Sense fully automatic forex robot uses its own algorithms as well as known forex technical analysis methods. The robot also has indicators that give forex signals. Investors whose brokerage house does not allow the use of robots or who want to open transactions manually can use this signal system. Since the beginning of 2016, the weekly results of the robot have been shared without distinguishing between profitable and harmful weeks. The robot has been developed to work on XAUUSD, USDTRY and EURUSD pairs. It automatically determines the time and direction to enter the transaction. It uses Take Profit(TP) and Stop Loss(SL) values in its transactions. When it deems necessary, it can exit the trade without waiting for these values, or it can approach the Stop Loss (SL) point depending on the conditions. The most important thing is that it does all this completely automatically.

What is Forex Scalping Strategy?
One of the most used strategies in Forex is the scalping strategy. The main purpose of this strategy is to open the trade at any time and exit the trade in a short time by taking small profits. It is generally applied without the need for the use of extensive forex technical analysis systems. Very basic examinations and analyzes are made and the process is entered. However, there is always the possibility that any position you open will go down hundreds of pips without ever making a profit. While implementing this strategy, all possible negative aspects should be taken into account and actions to be taken in these situations should be determined in advance. There are also many different scalping robots . These robots must be tried on demo accounts before purchasing. When examining such robots, priority should be given to those with a free demo version.

Golden Ratio and Sixth Sense Signal Systems
Golden Ratio and Sixth Sense fully automatic forex robots also have indicators that only give forex signals instead of automatically opening positions. These indicators warn the user with a warning sound while writing the price, opening time, TP and SL values at which the trade will be opened. The trading strategies of the indicators are exactly the same as the robots. All usage details of these forex indicator systems with free test versions and their differences from robots are shared with users with these free versions. Investors who are not allowed to use robots by their brokerage houses and those who prefer to open positions manually instead of leaving them to the robot use these systems. Signal systems and robots are sold together at one price.

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