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Altın Oran Forex Robotu
Altıncı His Forex Robotu


Fully Automatic  Dollar / TL System

Dolar-TL sistemi | RoboTL

RoboTL is a system that automatically determines the position direction and Take Profit - Stop Loss points by examining the past behavior of the USDTRY parity.

Forex Scalping Robotu

The video below is a general video, intended to be available on the site until the results are republished. There are no details to show the past transactions of any robot. Shared as a last video.

Genel Nitelikte Son Video
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From November 2017, past results will not be published.

You can review the robots on the results up to November 2017.

The date when the results will be published again has not been determined yet.

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