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Name / Account Number in Robots  control

For example, let's say your accounts appear in your Navigator/Grid window as in the image above. In this case, in order for the robot to be sent to you to work on all these accounts,  all spelling of your name  their shapes  OR  All of your DA account numbers  You must send


  • If you open new accounts where your name is spelled differently in the future, if you notify us of this,  Your robots will be arranged and sent to you free of charge to work with the new spelling of your name.

  • You can use the robots you purchased in an unlimited number of accounts opened in your name from the same company or different companies.

  • You can use any robot or any robot you buy at the same time.  unlimited number of  on account and on an unlimited number of platforms  you can use.

  • In summary, the only restriction on the use of our robots is that the accounts they are used with belong to the same person. Apart from this, there are no restrictions, limitations, etc. related to the use and testing of robots. there is none.

  • This opportunity may differ in temporary or indefinite opportunities and campaigns.

The name "Galip Çakır" in the picture is a randomly chosen sample name. It has no connection with a real person.

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