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About the Site

All of the content on this site is informative about the software offered by the site.


The software in question is of the same nature as add-ons for technical analysis, which can be found for any investment tool, on platforms of any scope, either free of charge or added to the platform for a fee. The investor performs technical analysis to guide his investment by using the plug-ins on the platforms. The software offered on the site, on the other hand, by using some known technical analysis systems (the aforementioned plugins) together and operating its own special algorithms, it achieves results similar to those obtained by the investors using the plugins on the platforms, and they present these results to the investor's preference.

Systems/software (robot, panel, indicator, etc.) on this site,  of published texts.  none  It is not within the scope of investment advisory. Investment consultancy services are offered individually by authorized institutions, taking into account the risk and return preferences of individuals. All content of this site  is general in nature.  All content of the site  may not be suitable for your financial situation and risk and return preferences. Therefore, only here  based on/adhering to systems  Making an investment decision may not produce results that meet your expectations.

The Forex market involves high levels of risk and can cause you to lose your invested money. Forex trading market may not be suitable for all investors. Make sure you fully understand the risks involved in the market.

No forex robots/software  cannot guarantee a definite profit. The user has accepted that every robot/system/software that he/she buys or has made to order has the possibility of causing damage and that this probability is not a certain percentage. computer software and sent by e-mail  There is no return process on robots/systems.  From the moment the robot/system is sent, since the shipment is made via e-mail and it is not possible to return it,  use of robots by intermediary institution(s)  such as the notification that it will no longer be allowed, has been encountered to date, or  in cases that have not been encountered and/or in different cases that have been encountered or not encountered again  Even so, no refund is possible.

It should be noted that by using the free versions of the software offered on the site, all activities of these software can be followed with a one-day delay and there is no time limit in these free versions.

found on site  The systems are related to MetaTrader, which belongs to all companies around the world.  able to work across platforms.  The site administrator contains all the content of the site, the specified conditions.  and can change the prices whenever he wishes. All published results are true, but are historical.

The advertisements and advertisements on the site are not the responsibility of the site. All mentioned are the responsibility of the advertiser.

Privacy Statement
Your e-mail address and personal / company information are never distributed to other institutions, organizations or individuals.
  Your customer information is only used to create a customer profile within our organization and to send press releases and campaign announcements by e-mail, not given to third parties.

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