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Both robots are systems that have been developed for the application of scalping strategy, that make trading automatically, that can be used in all parity and other financial products, in all time intervals. Since they are scalping robots , many input values are set to be changed by the user. Although the basic position entry strategies of the robots are different from each other, the results that will emerge depending on the parity, time interval and input combinations defined for them.  will definitely differ.  

You can use the free versions of the robots on any demo account as long as you want. In free versions, all inputs are active and the working system is the same as in the original version. You can use the free versions with the input values installed on the robots sent to you, or you can make changes to these values.

Scalping is a trading strategy that takes advantage of small price movements and opens and closes a large number of positions for small profits, often using large lots. Although trades for scalping purposes are usually open for a short time, the duration of each trade open depends on the size of the movement in the pair. Although the position has a small profit target, even reaching this target may not always be achieved within a few minutes. Because the main purpose of the scalping strategy is to keep the profit target small, not the open time of the transaction.

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