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The protective features of our robots


  • All our robots have spread control. Even if it is suitable to open a trade at that moment, if the spread is higher than the specified value, it does not open the trade, it waits for the spread to decrease.

  • Our robots do not leave transactions at the end of the week. At the first opening of the week, prices can be opened at very different levels. In such cases, your SLs on your open positions are useless. Your trade is closed at the point where the price opens. To prevent this situation, our robots do not leave open trades or pending orders at the weekend.

  • Our robots do not use pending orders. Because, an unexpected movement in price (due to rate hike, possibility of war, terrorist attack, etc.) immediately processes pending orders and takes them to SL almost simultaneously.

  • There is no money management in our robots. Because it is risky to grow a lot after making a profit a few times. The user should determine this according to his own risk understanding.

  • Our robots have "Tracking stop" and "Break even". They are used to prevent us from making a loss after a certain profit.

  • There is a limit to the maximum number of transactions that can be opened. For example,  The user can request a maximum of 2 processes to be opened at the same time. This is an understanding of risk. This decision is left to the user.

  • There is the use of Magic Number. For example, while the robot has opened one EURUSD transaction, you (or a different robot) may have opened another EURUSD transaction. The robot knows which process it is and only works on that process. Since it does not open the other process itself, it does not interfere with it.

  • It has Max Slippage control. If there is a big break in the price during the full trade opener, the trade will not be opened. It waits for the appropriate condition to occur again. The purpose is to protect the user.


We recommend that you look for these features in all robots you will buy.

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