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Golden Ratio  Forex Signal System



Comparison Chart


It automatically opens and resumes its transactions automatically. It does not need any intervention.

In order for it to work, the AutoTrade function of MT4 must be active.

All transactions automatically  as it opened  It also automatically adds TP / SL values to every transaction.

It can automatically change (approximate) the SL value when needed.

When necessary, it can automatically close its transactions without waiting for TP / SL values. 

If there are open trades, it also checks these open trades and decides whether to open a new trade.

The strategy he uses for trade openings is exactly the same as the indicator. Both systems do the same technical analysis.

It was developed using the MT4 infrastructure and does not do scalping. Therefore, there is no harm in using it. However, check with your brokerage firm.


"Opening Time, Opening Price, Direction and TP / SL" information about the transaction is written on the screen, while a warning sound is played. It does not open the transaction itself.

After writing the initial SL value determined for the process to the screen, it does not change this value again.

After writing the information about the transaction on the screen, it keeps that information on the screen until the appropriate conditions for a new transaction occur.

When suitable conditions for the transaction occur, it writes the information of the new transaction to the screen without making any checks about the previously opened transactions.

It signals the user about the trade openings. In these signals, it writes all the details about the transaction to the screen. It leaves it up to the user to open the process .

No permission or AutoTrade function is active.  it doesn't need it.

The strategy he uses for trade openings is the same as the robot. Where the robot opens a trade, the indicator also signals to open a trade.

It was developed using the MT4 infrastructure. No permission is required for its use. It is free to use in all brokerage houses.

Indicator Signal  Sample Screenshots

During use in the account, the indicator writes the place and time to open the transaction on the screen and shows it with an arrow, while at the same time, it notifies that there is a signal with a warning sound.

Altın Oran Forex Indicatorü
Altın Oran Forex Indicatorü

Video Showing the Working System of Indicators

Installation, Usage and Test

The setup and use of indicators are almost identical to robots.  is the same. While copying the robots into the "Experts" folder in MT4, you must copy the indicators into the "Indicators" folder.

In the guide window, you see the robots under the "Expert Advisors" tab, while you see the indicators under the "Indicators" tab. As with robots, you can run indicators by dragging and dropping them on the parity window.

You can only add 1 Golden Ratio indicator to each parity window. Also, make sure that you determine the time interval of the window in which you will run the indicators, and do not change the time interval while the indicators are running.

As with the installation and use, the path you will follow in the tests of the indicators is the same with the robots. To test the robots, you need to select "Expert Advisor" on the test screen, while for the indicator test, you need to select "Indicator" on the same screen. However, when you test indicators, you can only see their past signals. MT4 does not report on indicators.


The Golden Ratio robot and indicator are presented together. The robot and the indicator are sent together to all users who make the purchase. None of them are sold individually.

Sending Indicator to Users Who Have Already Bought the Robot

Our users who have purchased the Golden Ratio robot before the indicator is published will be able to have the indicator for free if they request it. After the request of our users, their indicators will be sent to them.

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