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  • We have to make sure that a bot we test performs pretty much the same on the real/demo account and on the strategy trial.


  • You can see a lot of robots making huge profits in experimenting with strategy. However, unless they are compared to real transactions, these remain only illusory dreams.


  • Some robots have been closed to strategy trials by their developers. In the promotion of these robots, you are presented with the profits they have made on certain dates, and believe me, they are extremely impressive.


  • So, how do we know that a robot behaves the same in strategy trial and real/demo account, that is, in real trades? There is only one realistic way to understand this. In at least 1 week, we should see that the robot opens the same trades at the same time in the strategy trial and in the real/demo account and closes with the same profit/loss. No other way is completely convincing. The robot's 1 week, 1 month, etc. Seeing real account results alone is not enough as it does not allow testing different dates.

      But, if the robot behaves the same in real account and strategy trial for at least 1 week, it means that this robot

      The results of the strategy trial are reliable results. Click for results of our robots.

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