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Characteristic of the System

The reason why RoboTL is not accepted as a standard forex robot is that it does not use fixed values in any of its algorithms. purely behavior  The system, which was developed for the purpose of making analysis, uses its analysis methods when determining the direction of the position and the points where it will enter the position, while determining the points to exit the position or revising these points. RoboTL does not use predetermined formulas in the background and does not work within these limited standards. It analyzes the behavior of the parity ( USDTRY ) ( Dollar / TL ), determines the appropriate standards for the results it has obtained, makes its calculations according to its own determinations, and aims to make the most accurate predictions. Error  The system, which also takes into account the probabilities, works by knowing that the negativities that may arise as a result of these misconceptions should be the ones that can be easily compensated.

Technical Specifications of the System

As mentioned above, RoboTL performs position entries and exits without using fixed values with its unique analysis methods. For a position it opens, it determines an exit point in both directions at the time the position is opened. RoboTL itself determines the distances of these points, called Take Profit and Stop Loss, to the position opening price. In the standard usage, it deletes the Take Profit and Stop Loss values defined at the beginning of the position, just before the closing time of the Turkish markets. Until the time when the markets will reopen, the positions will not have Take Profit and Stop Loss values. When the markets reopen, it redefines the Take Profit and Stop Loss values to the position, either the same or different from the previous values, according to the new conditions. It closes its positions before the weekend market close. However, according to user preference, RoboTL's ability to delete the above-mentioned Take Profit and Stop Loss values can be disabled. In this case, it maintains the values it set at the beginning until the position is closed. With the breakeven point system it uses, when the position reaches a certain profit, it moves the Stop Loss value to the opening price of the position.

Using the System

While RoboTL is used by forex traders, all that needs to be done is to contact the brokerage firm.  To upload the RoboTL file to the MetaTrader platform of the company and activate it to run throughout the week. The system does not need any user intervention. The user can interfere with the system or the positions he/she has opened as he/she wishes, but this will be entirely the user's preference. The system does not need intervention and can work for months without any intervention.  

Whether you are a Forex investor or not, tracking the dollar rate is something that all investors need. Even if you are not a forex investor and therefore do not have a forex account at any brokerage house, you can easily benefit from RoboTL. After opening a forex trial account from any brokerage house or downloading an MT4 platform from MetaTrader's own site and installing it on your computer, you can start using the RoboTL file by copying the RoboTL file to the appropriate location in MT4. This process is quite simple, as you can see in our 2-minute video. Please click to access the related video. The reason why the system needs the MT4 platform to work is that MetaTrader is the platform where historical data of the parity can be accessed in the most healthy way. We can access historical data of any financial product within MetaTrader as reliably as MetaTrader.  there is no system.

Free Version of the System

Before purchasing RoboTL, you can make detailed analyzes according to your own priorities by using the free version. The free version has two types of usage and these usage patterns are only valid for systems without time limit and date restrictions. In other words, you cannot use the free versions of all similar systems as in RoboTL.

The first type of usage is to see how RoboTL will yield in the periods after you get the free version. For example, put the free version you received today to the test 1 week, 15 days, or more to see how it performs in a 1-week or 15-day period from today. As mentioned earlier, the free version has no time limit, so once you get it, you can use the same version as stated above for as long as you want.

The second type of use is for retrospective testing of the RoboTL system. The reports you will see in the following sections show the performance of RoboTL on USDTRY parity since 2012. You can also analyze the performance of RoboTL for the date ranges you wish. All with free test versions  Usage details are also sent.

Retrospective Test Results of the System

Backtesting RoboTL  The results (backtesting) are shown below in two different ways as fixed volume usage and usage with money management system.

Note: RoboTL denotes the probable profit, the probable loss of 2.1.  It opens positions between 1 and 3.8 times. In other words, the amount of TP in each position is at least 2.1 of the amount of SL.  solid and this ratio can go up to 3.8.

1.) Fixed Volume Usage

January 2, 2012 - 2  Backtest results of the use of RoboTL with an initial deposit of 20,000USD and a fixed volume of 1 Lot between July 2017

2.) Usage with Money Management System

Between January 2, 2012 and July 2, 2017, RoboTL's initial deposit of 20,000USD and an initial volume of 1 Lot, with the largest volume being 9 Lots.  with money management system  Retrospective test results of use

System Price

The selling price of RoboTL is $649. Payments are made in TL and a fixed rate of 3.34 USD is used for TL translations.

System Purchasing Process

The steps of RoboTL's purchasing process are as follows.

  • Submit your order using the RoboTL contact form below.

  • After that, a confirmation text will be sent to you within 24 hours.

  • After you read and approve the text, payment information will be sent to your e-mail address.

  • After you make your payment, your RoboTL will be sent to your e-mail address within 24 hours.

  • All usage details are also sent with the system.

RoboTL Contact Form

Using the contact form below;

  • You can request the free version of RoboTL.

  • You can send your questions about RoboTL.

  • You can pre-order RoboTL.

Your message has been received. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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