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Why Automated Systems?

Especially in forex, one of the things that can be listed in order to be successful is to prevent psychological weaknesses. If we go through a very simple example; In the quarterly profit/loss ratios published by intermediary institutions, it is seen that the ratio of customers in loss is generally between 65% and 85%. Whereas, we only have 2 options before we open every position. "Buy" or "Sell"! Although there is a spread, don't you think it's strange that investors are wrong on average 75% of the time when there are only 2 options? The factor that causes this situation is the mentioned psychological weaknesses.  

Although the investor has made correct analyzes and determined the values of AL Profit (T/P), Stop Loss (S/L) at the position entry, he will be under psychological pressure as long as the position remains open. The reason why most of the investors are more successful when trading on demo accounts is that they are doing those transactions in a very comfortable way.  

Frequently heard from Forex investors; "Most of my trades are closed in profit, but I end up making a loss",  The biggest reason for the emergence of statements such as "Every transaction I open goes wrong", "I am successful in giving ideas to a partner and friend, but I am losing money in my own transactions" is again psychological factors.  

Automated analysis systems first help to eliminate this negativity. They do what they were taught in the beginning without fail. Because they are emotionless, they do not feel under pressure and this pressure is  they do not face any setbacks. Of course, they also do harm. Also, simply being automatic is not enough to be successful. It will be necessary to pay attention to other criteria as well. However, one of the most important aspects is the psychology and emotionality issue mentioned above.


Another issue is the degree of automaticity of the system. If the used system (robot or indicator) needs to be stopped in certain periods or to be operated only in certain periods, this system cannot be called fully automatic. Because, this concept of certain periods is also a matter for the investor to decide. This means that the investor will still be affected by psychological factors.

If an automatic system is mentioned, this system should be in a structure that can make all its own decisions as much as possible.  so that that system can be called a fully automatic system. In addition, this feature is needed to measure the past performance of the system.  


It is a known situation that any financial analysis system cannot see the future. The common goal of all of them is to predict the future in the most accurate way, even if they cannot see it. In fact, this is the common goal of all analyses. Therefore, they cannot be expected to consistently make profits or to make correct predictions all the time. Such promises should not be taken into account.  

Even if it is not known what a system will do in the future, an idea about the system can be obtained by evaluating its past performance. Rather than the total profit of the system in the past, different criteria should also be taken into account, such as the distribution of profitable and harmful transactions, whether harmful transactions can be tolerated or not.  

In order to be able to analyze the robot or indicator (signal system) over its past results, the system must be able to be used on the strategy trial function and give nearly 100% correct results. If we briefly touch on this subject;

MetaTrader's strategy test function is a system that keeps in mind past price movements with each tick. Using this function, we can examine the past performance of our system. BUT, there are 3 conditions that the system must meet for this.  

1.) Checking the system in strategy trial must not be prohibited by its developer.

2.) The system should have a fully automatic structure.

3.) The strategy test results of the system should be close to 100% with the real trading results (results obtained by using it on a real or demo account).  

If any of these 3 conditions is not met, the system cannot be used on the strategy trial function.  

The only feature of the strategy trial function is not to examine the past performance of the robot in our hands over a wide range of dates. This function also allows us to see the results of the free version of the robot from today.  

E.G; You downloaded the free version of any robot on our site today. By using this free version in the strategy trial function, you can follow all the actions of the robot from today, with a delay of 1 day. For example, using the free version on Thursday, you can see how the robot performs from the beginning of the week (Sunday night) to the end of Wednesday. Then you can use the same robot in the strategy trial on Friday and see the activity of the robot on Thursday. You can do these checks as long as you want. Because there is no time limit in the free versions of our robots. That is, you do not need to download the free version again every time to see the robot's performance in the completed week when it is completed each week. You can continue to use the free version you downloaded earlier.



Regarding each of the systems we offer, our users may encounter after purchase.  We aim to enable them to make predictions about situations as much as possible, and we make our promotions in this direction.  

Of course, systems will not do the same in the future as they have done in the past. But examining past performances is the only way to have an idea for the future. Thus, a healthier decision can be made on the transaction volume to be determined and the balance to be used.

We take care to ensure that all details about our systems are accessible, except for the algorithms they use. We offer 4 different possibilities for our users to access these details.

1.) Robots without any human intervention  We share the account history images of the accounts that they automatically buy/sell, on a weekly basis, without distinguishing between profitable and unfavorable weeks.

2.) Since we do not find it sufficient to publish only weekly results, we are developing our robots in such a way that when used on the strategy trial function, they will give near 100% real results.

3.) By using the free versions of our robots, we enable you to examine their performance in the desired date range from the past to the desired detail. For this purpose, we also send detailed guides on how to use it together with the free versions.

4.) By using the same free free versions, we enable you to follow all the activities of the robots with a delay of 1 day. In order for this tracking to be healthy, we do not impose a time limit on our free versions. So, for example, using the free version you downloaded today one week later, during this one-week period  You can see what the robots are doing. (See Free versions )

We make no promises about what our robots will do in the future. Because neither robots can see the future, nor can we. All we do is share the past results with full transparency and offer the free versions to our users so they can do the analysis they want. After this point, we leave the decision to the user.  

We never present the profitable images obtained by sometimes stopping and sometimes starting the robots as the profit of the robot. Because we constantly underline that our robots are fully automatic systems and we share the results of the uninterrupted operation of the robot.

We do not try to impress our users with highly profitable screenshots that cannot be known whether they belong to the robot, may be closed manually even if opened by the robot, and, as mentioned above, it is not known whether the robot is constantly running or stopped from time to time. We share screenshots, but images that can be checked using our free versions. Any of our users can even check the results that we will publish 15 days later, using the free version downloaded today. Because we do not use time limit in our free versions.

We get 2 approvals from each of our users who want to buy the system, so that there are no terms/conditions or features that our users have overlooked. We remind you all the terms and conditions, all risks, before each approval.  


We say we trust our systems. However, we remind you at every opportunity that no system can see the future.  

We are trying to develop systems that can provide regular profitability especially in the medium and long term. So far this goal  While developing each of our systems that are accessible to us, we conduct very long studies, analyzes and tests. In these studies, which were completed at the end of months, we aim to optimize the profit and risk factors of the systems as much as possible relative to each other.

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