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Real Automated Forex Systems

Results Of Golden Ratio Forex EA

Working Principles

  • It automatically opens, continue and when necessary it again automatically closes all its trades.

  • Uses the Stop Loss (S / L) and Take Profit (T / P) values for each trade. However, when it sees it necessary, it can close its trades without waiting for these values.

  • It changes the S / L value when appropriate conditions are met. As a result, you can see many trades that are closed profitable with S / L. (It uses different systems than the known "Trailing Stop".)

  • It is not a scalping EA. As long as a trade is not closed because of S / L or T / P, it will continue for at least 1 hour, but also may be open for longer than 24 hours, .

  • It closes all its trades before friday market close..

  • It makes Spread - Slippage control. Even if the appropriate conditions for opening the trade are met, the trade does not open when there is a high spread or a large slippage.

  • The average number of trades per week can be 5-6 or 8-9 depending on the user's choice. (These are the values obtained over the past 24 months.)

  • It is a system that contains 3 different expert advisors for EURGBP, EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs.

  • It gives nearly 100% same results on all types of accounts and strategy tester.

  • It does not need any "user action" during its work. If you want, it can work for months without any intervention.

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